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Hey all.. How is everyone? Not to be negative but I haven’t been very well since last Friday I think (who’s knows.. I loose track of time) Fibromyalgia and CFS/ME has totally beaten me but you have to get up and carry on “fighting“!!

Onto today’s post…

I wanted a book/blog planner to help me organise blog posts such as month calendar,weekly and monthly at a glance, weekly goals,to do lists, notes and ideas, looking ahead, bookish events, post planner, book meeting feedback and finally monthly to be read worksheet.

Book reviews such as writing down notes while reading, quick book reviews, more in depth book review worksheet.

Anyway, I asked on a handmade promotion page where you can ask what you are looking for such as graphic design,planners, custom made things such as handbags,clothes, plaques etc etc.

Well Lasting Love Stationery was tagged. And I got super lucky.

Lyn is totally awesome and she will accommodate anything you would like. Believe me, I think I exhausted her 😂😂 But she did luckily enjoy do it.

This one is temporary as PayPal was being a stupid arse and didn’t change my address so the other one went to my old address and of course, I can’t get it because they NEED  the red card. So Lyn was kind enough to send me a temporary planner for September untill I can either get to my old address to see if the new tenant still has the red card or Royal Mail send it back to her after 18 days.

Front cover included with my logo. So pretty. Also got sent a little gift a named pen in one of my favourite colour. 

A4 sized binded. 

This is the proper planner. 2017-2018 with monthly dividers and laminated front and back cover. 

Shyla's Uncensored Opinions Planner Personal Information

Personal Information 

Name| Address |Emergency Contact |Email Address |Important Information | Notes 

Contact page – Name | Email | Phone Number 

This is for contacts such as Publishers, other bloggers etc.

Monthly Calendar – Quick overview of Reviews and Blog posts with Notes, Ideas and Wildest Dreams. 

It’s so pretty, I LOVE anything Rainbows 🌈.

Month/Week at a glance – Blog/Reading Goals, Bookish Events, To-do List and Book Releases. 

Blog/Reading Goals – This is where I will put Blog or reading goals such as what I want to read, blog post goals, etc 

Bookish events– Blog Tours, Meeting Authors etc 

To-do list– Simple to-do list such as take photographs, reviews, etc etc 

Book Releases – New book releases Paperback or E-Books. 

Week at a glance –  

This is where I write and organise my blog posts. 

Day of week | Title/Type of post | Checklist | Draft |Graphics + Visuals | Edit | Scheduled | Published | 

Blog post planner 

More in depth post planner 

Title | Pub Date | Category | Tags |  Main Ideas

To Do | To Design | To Photograph 

Checklist | Draft | Graphics + Visuals | Edit | Schedule | Published 

Social Media | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook  

I love that it is all organised on paper and makes everything so much easier.

Review post planner

Title/Book | Pub Date | Pub | Release  Date | Rating | Review 

To do |To Design | To Photograph 

Checklist | Draft | Graphics + Visuals | Edit |Scheduled | Published 

Social media | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook 

Much more in depth review notes. 📝 

Title of book | Introduction | Author | Main Characters | Chapter 1-4 | Story | Beginning | Middle | End 

Title of book | Theme | Evaluation

Reading Notes | Book Title | Authors | Genre | Published | Review Date | Thoughts & Reactions| Favourite Quotes

Notes,  I take while reading a book that I am reviewing. Much easier doing it on paper as it’s easier to look through, when writing a book review blog post than notes on your mobile or computer.

Monthly to do list 

Self explanatory but this is where I Write all the books I want to read whether that is E-Arcs/Arcs and Personal Reads.





“An idea can only become a reality once it is broken down into organized, actionable elements.”

Thank you to Lasting Love Stationery for your patiences and fabulous customer service.

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A Crazy Cat loving Booknerd.

Posted September 14, 2017 by Ami-May in Blog Planner / 4 Comments


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    • Of course. She will probably change it a little and you may want to add or subtract things.. but yes if you click on her Facebook and message her. She is amazing. She currently working on a few more bits for me which obviously I will make a new post once there proofed,done and sent to me 🙂

  1. Your absolutely welcome – fingers crossed Royal Mail or the new tenant will come through for us and get your full planner to soon…it was an absolute pleasure and if there is anything else we can help you with please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at http://www.facebook.com/llstationery or look for us on Etsy llstationery xx