Mental Health and A Book Life – What books started you of reading and why? 

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Hi, Firstly I shall apologize for this post being very late. I have been very poorly with a 24-hour tummy bug that has lasted 7 days thanks to my stupid immune system. And I have somehow pulled or damaged my pelvic so the doctor said, I’ve been in an overwhelming amount of pain. I am now permanently stuck to my body pillow, heat pad, deep heat gels etc.

Secondly, I want to share with you an awesome book blogger – Jessie Butler @ Nerdy Book Life. As well as posting all about bookish and nerdy things, she also writes about her own struggles with depression and anxiety and posts many other articles about mental health.

She has just started a Mental Health Series, which she has called the Mental Health interviews We all have a Story.

She asked if I wouldn’t mind joining in and answering her interview questions.. which of course I jumped at the chance. If we don’t share our stories they don’t get heard, raise awareness nor can they help others. I think it’s a fabulous idea for a series and I’m interested in reading lots more interviews.

Here is my interview, check it out!

Now on today’s post, I will write a little background.

I have read since as long as I can remember, my earliest memory of a book that I loved was Rainbow Fish.

Do you remember reading that? I’m not sure why, it has stuck in my mind so much. I think it’s the cover. It’s so pretty! Who doesn’t love anything shiny and involving rainbows though?

Jaqueline Wilson was my favourite childhood author definitely.. I think I owned and read all of them that were published back then. Here’s a picture of all her books that are out now..

The books that really stick in my mind of hers are, from the GIRLS series. Totally awesome books and they really was so well wrote and all about typical teenage problems. Really relatable characters and story/plot. Thinking back I can still see the images in my mind of the characters, settings etc . It felt like I was watching a tv programme, my imagination ran wild.

If I have a daughter/s one day, I shall be collecting them all again so she/they can enjoy them, like I did.

What books/authors really got you into seriously reading in your later teenage years and that helped you on your book/Mental Health journey?
Two words, CATHY GLASS. Oh my fucking god, her books are amazing. THE book that grabbed me and really truly spoke to me was her book CUT.

A little about Cathy Glass: 

Cathy Glass is a bestselling British author, freelance writer and foster carer.

Her work is strongly identified with both the True Life Stories and Inspirational Memoirs genres, and she has also written a parenting guide to bringing up children, Happy Kids, and a novel, The Girl in the Mirror, based on a true story.

Glass has worked as a foster career for more than 20 years, during which time she has fostered more than 50 children. Her fostering memoirs tell the stories of some of the children who came in to her care, many of whom had suffered abuse.

The first title, Damaged, was number 1 in the Sunday Times bestsellers charts in hardback and paperback. Her next three titles, Hidden, Cut and The Saddest Girl in the World, were similarly successful, all reaching the bestseller charts.

The name “Cathy Glass” is a pseudonym. The author writes under a nom de plume due to the sensitive nature of her source material. The names of the children she writes about are likewise altered. 


The bestselling author of ‘Damaged’ tells the story of Dawn, a sweet and seemingly well-balanced girl whose outward appearance masks a traumatic childhood of suffering at the hands of the very people who should have cared for her.

With little background information on Dawn I was rather left to get on with it. However, it soon became clear that Dawn’s polite and sweet nature concealed a terrible past. So terrible that she was haunted by night terrors and self-harmed to try to ease her pain. I did all I could to help her, but I was aware it was never going to be enough.

The reason I mainly identified with this book was the subject of self-harm. When I read this book although,  I was self-harming at the time. I don’t think, I truly fully understood the reason why. Dawn self-harmed to help cope with the emotional pain due to her awful childhood. And although I knew, I was Mentally Ill. I didn’t have a diagnosis or an actual idea of what or why I felt like I did/do.

Dawn’s story of her self-harming really struck a chord with me and I finally totally understood why I self-harmed and why it helped. To stop the pain for just a couple of minutes and to make me feel completely numb/empty. That was the way I coped back then.
It really made me realize I wasn’t alone in fighting, whatever I was struggling with and feeling. That there were others out there struggling just like me and maybe I wasn’t completely and utterly crazy when😜 I got diagnosed I was so happy and relieved that I finally had a proper name for how I feel how I think and how I act and react to everyday struggles etc.
And that is where my total love of books started.  I quickly learned that they helped me. They helped distract me for a couple of hours at a time, I had something to do and an escape from the awful nights of insomnia that plagued my entire teenage years and still, to this day (although not as much these day and when my medication works).

I think her books may have had something to do with my goal of wanting to become a social worker or work with people with special needs. Unfortunately, neither happened but I am hoping my writing will help others, raise awareness. Just to help one person know, they are not alone would be my life goal completed (more about my writing/my first novel-writing coming soon)

I have read each one of Cathy’s books except cruel to be kind which came yesterday. I also have her Lisa Stone – Darkness Within to read as well.

What books introduced you to reading? What book stick out in your mind? Did or Do books help you with life and health struggles?

Let’s talk below.

I have more exciting news.. are you ready? I have my domain name and my new website/blog will be ready soon. I just have to transfer all my past posts over and finish the about me pages etc. I am completely loving it already and hope you, my followers do too. So I hope you will join me over there. I will post an update once it’s completely finished.

A Crazy Cat loving Booknerd.

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