Planning my writing desk 

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Hey everyone, I thought I would start with an update on me. I took a weeks break. My depression took me hostage and unfortunately my other half’s grandad died, he had lung cancer. He’s at peace, no longer in pain and with his wife now. So I’ve been spending abit of time with my other half. So I am abit behind with my reading and Reviews. 

So I apologise for being very quite. I’m catching up with my reading and writing my reviews so look out for those very soon.

However, let’s get on with today blog post, shall we!

I mentioned it before but I am starting an access course in arts and language then hopefully onto my BA Hons in English Literature.

And I’m currently writing my first novel. (I will be doing a separate blog post on this, hopefully tomorrow)

So I needed a writing/studying space….

Right onto where my desk shall be.

This is my sofa and my favourite bookshelf.
This is where my cats area is at the moment. But my desk will be going in the window so I can look out into the beautiful nature and communal garden.
And again another view of where my desk will be going. You can see a sneak peak of my wonderful view

Now shall I show you my working space plan. If you have any ideas or advice please email me or comment below.


It’s nothing amazing but it will do for what I need it for and it’s all I can afford really. It’s not a bad price for a desk.

I haven’t fully decided yet, but I think I may replace both of current book cases with these matching ones. What do you think?

I have a obsession about everything matching.

Accessories, I love little accessories it’s what pulls everything together.

I’ve found this lamp. My living room colour scheme is Rose gold, gold, copper and pink.

I love the simplicity of the lamp. It’s modern and stylish.

I’ve found these pretty jars with paper clips, and drawing pins. So cute. And will looks fucking awesome on my desk.

I couldn’t find a copper or rose gold magazine holder so I’ve chosen this. It’s simple, transparent and pretty much goes with EVERYTHING!

This is to hold random papers, notes, drafts, books etc

Frames to pop some books quotes in. What are your favourite book quotes? Please share away below.

Obviously I needed a new keyboard and mouse so I found these in Amazing. There pretty fucking perfect.

And finally a matching pen pot for obviously reason for storaging all my pretty pens.

Now show me yours. Please send all images to my email and I will be doing another blog post showcasing your writing/read space.

A Crazy Cat loving Booknerd.

Posted October 13, 2017 by Ami-May in Moments, My bookshelves, My Writing Life / 28 Comments


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28 responses to “Planning my writing desk 

  1. I am so sorry for your loss and I totally understand the depression issue. I don’t think you need to apologize for silence because of that though. I love your decor idea. When I am building on my office, expect an I’M from me..

  2. I LOVE this post! I can’t wait to see your finished pictures!
    (And I really want that keyboard/mouse but I REALLY can’t justify it when there’s nothing wrong with mine! Yay Mac’s!)

    • Yeah I have a windows computer so the one that came with was boring black lol. So I need a pretty mouse and keyboard. Will be upgrading my screen eventually. Ah grab it hahahaha just means you have a set spare incase 😜 I’m really bad encouraging people lol

  3. This looks totally awesome. I’m loving the copper theme you’ve got going, that lamp is just stunning! I do think you should shop around a little bit if you’re not totally certain with the desk, I know you’re sticking within a budget but you still want to be happy with what you choose, right? I think it’ll look pretty fab though with all those accessories. I don’t actually have a desk/reading area at all because I am so disorganised but I would definitely want my to look like yours.

    • I’ve shopped around and around lol. Everything is like £100+. Don’t really want to spend that much on a desk tbh. And I can always save up and upgrade later on. I’m normally disorganised with everything in life. But if I don’t organise or have a little plan nothing actually ever gets done lol 😂

  4. Joselyn

    I do think it will look amazing after the changes, good luck with them abd let us see when everything changes 😃

    • Yeah my upstairs neighbour has planted flowers it’s so pretty. Also we have a few cats around. At night we have an owl that loves making itself heard. I waited four years for this flat and I fucking love it. X

    • Ooo what are you doing?
      Yeah I love copper and rose gold atm. My kitchen is being painted cornflower blue and accessories are silver/grey, copper and black.