A Borderline Bitching About Books | Book Review & Q&A |Living In my head with Fibromyalgia

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A Borderline Bitching About Books | Book Review & Q&A |Living In my head with FibromyalgiaLiving inside my head with fibromyalgia by Bernadette Lindley
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Published by Self Published on November 2017
Genres: Health
Pages: 32
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Living with fibromyalgia a peek into a head of a fibro sufferer with a little touch of humour

This book is Bernadette’s account of living with fibromyalgia (FMS) which is a chronic pain condition where we have widespread pain all over our body, fatigue (extreme tiredness) insomnia, muscle stiffness and a whole collection of symptoms. Because there is no real blood test ( there is one in the USA but its still being tested properly. Unfortunately, it is not available in the UK) we come against so much stigma and discrimination because we are NOT Believed by other humans being and even the so-called health professionals. We are looked at as if we have hypochondriac aka health anxiety ( which is a whole other separate mental health condition, which is severely debilitating) Just because it’s INVISIBLE, Fibro it is very REAL. Our pain is REAL. To find out more please visit this website http://www.fmauk.org

Here are my thoughts:

Firstly, This book includes profanity. So if you are a sensitive sally or you’re easily offended, please be aware.

It is self-published on Amazon.

I loved this book, yes it has a few spelling mistakes which have been corrected but it also gives you a glimpse into the mind of fibromyalgia and how it affects not just our body with pain and a whole host of symptoms. It also affects our brain which is called brain/fibro fog. As the names suggests our brain is foggy most of the time which makes us forget things all the time, struggle to write/spell as our thought process is fogged over. You can really connect with Bernadette while reading this short story.

This book is a funny, truthful, blunt and very formative read, which is a great read for both those who suffer and those looking to see inside the mind of a Fibro sufferer and how debilitating it can be. It has some profanity which honestly adds to her account of Fibromyalgia.

 Questions and Answers

Today, I also have a Q&A which you will find out lots more about Bernadette Lindley and her book.

▪ Q1: In your own words, explain what ‘Fibromyalgia’ is and what it means to you?

     A1: Fibromyalgia is an illness that attacks your nervous system and widespread long-term pain is the common and hardest symptom.

▪ Q2: When did your symptoms or Illness start?

A2 I was struggling with pain and movement since 2006 and it got progressively worse.

▪ Q3: When and How long did it take to get diagnosed?

     A3: I was finally diagnosed in 2013.

▪ Q4: Has Fibromyalgia changed who you are as a person, the way you see yourself or whether other people see you differently?

    A4: I have less confidence, fewer friends and less independence.

Q4. Has ‘Fibromyalgia’ changed the way you view and perceive the world? Or changed the way you think or feel about other people?

    A4: Yes, it’s made me realise how shallow some people are. People don’t treat me the same.

Q5: What is the most important advice you could give someone who has been struggling alone or only recently been diagnosed?

A5: Bitesize steps with everything but especially with physical activities like cleaning etc, Also reach out to other fibro sufferers on Facebook groups or twitter.

About the book

▪ Q6: What Inspired you to write a short story about your struggles with Fibromyalgia?

A6: Being stuck in bed so often, I wondered who else was thinking the things I was. I wrote the book to try and achieve something. Even if it makes just one person feel they’re not alone.

▪ Q7: What were you hoping to achieve in writing this story?

A7: To reach out to other sufferers. So, they don’t feel guilty for feeling the way I do inside.

▪ Q8: Did writing help you mentally and emotionally?

A8: Yes, It helped me get my inner thoughts off my chest.

Q9: Will you be writing any more stories/books after this one?

A9: Yes, I’ve written a small short about my younger age when I was a rebel.

Q 10: What is your advice about writing a short story, self-publishing etc?

A10: Give it a go. You could be the best author missing on the market?

Q11: Has Fibro/ Brain fog made it difficult for you to write this book and why?

A11: Spellings are wrong, words came out back to front or attached to the one in front. I probably repeated myself a lot too. My husband had to do the physical writing but even his spelling isn’t great LOL.

▪ Q12: What has made it easier, what tips did you learn or tips to give?

A12: I’ll be honest here the fact, I didn’t have to find an agent to represent my book made it much easier to try and write a short.

 ▪ Q13: Anything Else you would like to add?

  A13: If you suffer from fibro and are at your worst day then tomorrow will be a new day, if you can’t look that far ahead then look to the next hour.

About Bernadette Lindley

Bernadette is currently living in a small village in England with her children and husband. She is disabled and living with Fibromyalgia, Mental Health Illnesses and Other Aliments. Which is what inspired her to write her short story ‘ Living in my head with Fibromyalgia’.

A Crazy Cat loving Booknerd.

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