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Hi guys, So I am collaborating books, mental health and chronic pain/illnesses together to hopefully raise awareness, bringing authors and bloggers together.

Due to my psychical and mental disabilities, I have become restricted in what I am able to do. I refound my love for reading again, which in turn I found my love of writing. My motivation is simple really, to raise awareness, to inspire others and make them feel less alone in this world and allow them to escape the reality of life in a book. Having mental health illnesses as a teenager, books allowed me to escape into the world of others and allowed me to escape from the depression, pain and feeling so alone in the world much like they still do now.

There is still a HUGE amount of stigma attached and surrounding mental health and chronic illnesses. It’s quite shocking to say the least in 2017 nearly 2018.

What I mean by stigma?

Stigma is a negative reaction to something which devalues and makes people feel like they are less than someone/something. In simple terms people discriminate against those of us with mental health and invisible chronic illnesses. Which makes us feel devalued, discriminated, different and fearful.

Many people with invisible mental and physical illnesses do not seek help they desperately need in fear of being discriminated against, judged and not being believed by there peers and health professionals.

Which makes there condition worse and can cause them to be ashamed, worthless, alone and have really bad suicidal ideation and many have followed through.

Which is so super sad and can be helped and shouldn’t be happening by speaking out, getting and being inspired by those who have and seemed help.

We should NOT feel ashamed and fearful. We are fighting a battle that those who are still ignorant and discriminating NO nothing about.

We are beautiful, brave and strong!!

You are Welcome to snatch up the above pictures and pop it on your blog or other social media platforms & Link back to this post!! Thank you!! #ABorderlineBitching #ABBAB

I will be posting a post every MONDAY!!

I will be having different authors & bloggers on my blog every single Monday. I am hoping, we will be having lots of good contents such as

  • Guest Posts
  • Q&As and Interviews
  • Book Reviews
  • Book Tags
  • Discussions
  • Articles

Coming up, I have a newly self-published author book review and question and answers about her book ‘Living Inside my head with Fibromyalgia’

And I have another blogger and book friend doing a Question and answers about me and my books I am writing surrounding invisible illnesses.

If you are a blogger, author or writer and want to join and help raise and spread awareness with books and writing then please get in touch.

Please fill this google form in and email me to discuss it further. I shall leave you with a picture of who this blog is named after and my other big help and distraction against my mental health and chronic pain conditions..

I hope you will join me next monday.

A Crazy Cat loving Booknerd.

Posted December 10, 2017 by Ami-May in A Borderline Bitching, Uncategorized / 0 Comments


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