Biography About Ami-May!

When & Why I started blogging?


I started blogging in August 2017, on my old blog (

Although, I have had previous experience – I ran my own blog for my other hobby which was sewing and dressing making (More information below).


Well after being diagnosed with two chronic conditions in February 2015, which are Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I was seriously struggling being able to keep sewing. Getting on the floor tracing,cutting patterns and fabric etc, struggling to sit for hours and hours sewing away etc. Well it took one of my favourite hobbies away.

But it lead me back to my first love. Reading & Writing!

Why did you choose your blog name? 

Well shyla is my beautiful kitty. Her name is quite unique and she’s the main thing in my life. She is basically my fur baby ( I know, cringe) so like people names things after their children, I have named my blog after my cat.

Uncensored Opinions because I swear like a sailor so there will be some profanity. But I tame it down abit on here and social Media’s. Me and shyla definitely have our opinions to share with the world.

Today’s world of technology has opened a world full of opportunities or for those with mental & physical disabilities.

And reading is accessible for virtually everyone and anybody. And you can read/listen whenever and wherever.

More about me

I am Starting an access course in February 2018 and then I am hopefully onto my BA Honours English Literature next October 2018.


I don’t know anything in the top 40 charts but my favourites have to be jelly Clarkson and Pink.


Flash Dance, Footloose, Dirty Dancing, Honey

Tv programmes

Law and order SVU, Criminal minds, The Big Bang Theory, Any and all documentaries about murders, true crimes and Serial Killers.


Chicken,Pasta, Chinese, Spaghetti Boll and tbh anything my mums makes.

Book Genres:
Anything but Horror and Religion.


I would describe myself as Introverted,Creative,Truthful,Blunt,Kind and I swear like a fucking sailor.

Here’s what my friends think of me:

“Organised (you have a lot of planners), funny and ambitious. Book lover is understandable Oh, and with a passion for colors and designs.”

“Your trustworthy, easy to talk to, caring, a good listener! Bubbly and can be mischievous when the right people are there. All round, top crazy person! 😄”

“Quirky, kind,fun and supportive”

I live in a small town called Buxton, yes where Buxton mineral water comes from. It’s a beautiful peaceful town. I’m buxton born and bred as we say here.

Shyla’s Book Blogging Club

I have set up a book blogging group/club where bloggers can post reviews, posts and more freely. We also offer advice and support to each other.

We don’t have many guildlines just basic common sense guidelines

Authors are welcome too. To post discussions looking for reviewers, bloggers and anything else within reason.

Come and join our small little club..

Shyla’s Book Blogging Club

Social media

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About Shyla 

I had just moved into my first proper home and 4 months in, I knew I wanted and needed an companion. I found her advertised on a Facebook group. I don’t know why but I just had this strong feeling that I needed to grab her. She was delivered via the owners friend. I was told she was a feral and that she had been fixed ( nope she wasn’t) it was quite clear from that first day, something was wrong. Ferals are feisty little tinkers and it can take a while for them to trust you. But she absolutely hated men, she goes mental.

Anyway, the vet concluded that she had to have been abused by a male. She hates doors being closed whether you’re in the room or not.

It took a lot of patiences and love to help calm her and minimise her attacks, hissing, growling etc. Well 4.5 years on, she is the most lovable cat you could wish for. Yes she still has her moments but that makes her, the cat she is. She is an indoor cat, she won’t entertain going outside but she has many toys and she is truly spoilt.< hink it was fate and she is basically the cat version to me. Well apart from just sitting on books than reading them, especially when mummy wants to read.

You will see a many things about mental health illnesses as I have suffer from a mental health illness for 10+years. I suffer with Borderline Personality Disorder,Depression and Anxiety.

My book blogger friend Jessie, also posts many posts and series on mental health. She is doing an interview series, interviewing people with mental health illnesses. HERE is mine if you would like to find out abit more.

Nice to meet you and to chat to you soon.< lease find my book policy and contact information HERE